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Bobby Vassallo is a City Wireless Builder.  He pulls fiber down streets and lights the dark, underserved world.

“Growing up in Texas, a work ethic was imprinted on all of us.  Texans get things done.  We taught the world to drill oil, helped explore outer space and the oceans.  

We are all proud of this heritage.” A concern of mine is that already, 19 states have passed laws to protect the dominant carriers in this country, limiting competition, preserving high prices and continuing a practice of bad service.  This is counterproductive to you and me and further stymies delivery of quality internet we deserve; services which could be provided from prospective competitors wishing to enter the market.  These states’ politicians have been bought off by lobbyists with fat checkbooks.  Google Gigabit won’t be showing up in those states.  Any other carrier, either.  Be vigilant.  Your state may be next.

“Between 1993 and 2013, large telephone and cable companies collected over $380 billion dollars in rate increases, tax breaks, changes in depreciation schedules for upgrades and other perks,” in return for promises of 45Mbps services that was supposed to touch millions of homes by 2015.  APPEAL to FCC Chairman Wheeler to stop the madness,” says Bobby Vassallo.  

Join Bobby at Linkedin
Join Bobby at Linkedin


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